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It’s time for more transparency in clothing manufacturing.  Fast fashion and unregulated factories abroad lead to unethical manufacturing, and it’s up to us – both consumers of fashion and the brands producing it – to change that.  Enter the fashion revolution.  Today marks the 4th anniversary of the Rana Plaza Complex collapse in Bangladesh, where thousands of workers were killed or injured.  It’s time to start asking tough questions and demanding change.  The fashion revolution keeps it simple: Think about who made your clothes, and join the revolution by flipping up your tag, posting a pic, and tagging the brand to ask #whomademyclothes?

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At Leota, we are proud to show you exactly who made your clothes!  Our factories are right here in Brooklyn, and Kenny has even been described as a “second dad” to us.  Meet Kenny and Carmen, two of the Brooklyn artisans in our family-run factory. And here’s an inside look at some of the everyday processes that go into producing Leota dresses!

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